David Edward Booth: Suffolk (UK) based music producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter.
Although better known now for my work as a producer, session musician, collaborator and co-writer, I have always been a singer-songwriter at heart.
A bit of history…
1999 brought my first record deal, and a foot in the door of the industry, followed by ten years of hard work and quiet critical praise in with bands AloneMe and The Floe. We crossed paths with some great folk including Nigel Stonier (Thea Gilmore, Mike Scott…), Mike Cave (The Charlatans, The Zutons…), Midge Ure, Paul Young, Ade Edmonson, Simon Gogerly, Bob Harris and many more.
It was all seemingly going well, but in 2010 something snapped in my soul and I decided I’d had enough. I quit the band, gave them my blessing to carry on, and took some time to work out what to do next. It was obvious really… during that first decade in ‘the music industry’, a studio had been built, production skills learned, and so I naturally turned to producing other artists. That continues to be the ‘day job’ to this day.
In the background I continued to write songs, but now with no commercial pressures or expectations. It became enjoyable again. I quietly released EPs in 2012, 2014 and 2015. And then in the summer of 2018 a new David Edward Booth album “Away Away” was gently released into being, in much the same way as my style of studio engineering and producing: minimal fuss, maximum focus on the songs.
2018/19 also brought ‘Bayfield Booth’, the heart-felt but sadly all too brief collaboration, packed festival tents and album “A New Way On” with Suffolk singer & story-teller Mat Bayfield, who very quickly became like my brother. Mat lost his long battle with a brain tumour in October 2019, but continues to inspire us all.
It was this collaboration and this loss that spurred me on, alongside my close friend, and Mat’s wife, singer-songwriter Kelly Bayfield to lose no more time and stop shying away from performing our own songs.
2021 will see new single releases from David, and a debut solo album from Kelly.

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