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a short biog…

David Edward Booth writes songs of depth, authenticity and poetry, with a down-tuned acoustic guitar and folk leanings audible. But his blend of influences is unique. Finn Brothers, Nick Drake, and the raw, unplugged performances from the Seattle “Grunge’ scene of the early ’90s. All funnelled through a music knowledge grown from a childhood playing cornet in brass bands, a youth playing punk rock drums and later, guitar. A reverence for the power and craft of songwriting and the experience of two decades as producer. Like the hills of his native Derbyshire, the voice is weathered, unpolished, honest.
Recent live appearances include the Folk At Heart festival in Örebro, Sweden, Maverick Festival and Folk East.
A new album is in production and tentatively scheduled for late summer 2022.

photo by Alex Blades

a longer story…

I grew up in a Derbyshire brass band family and played cornet from an early age. Listening to heavy rock & metal in my teens I discovered I could play drums, so I did, but I also wanted to write vocal/guitar songs, so I taught myself guitar and got on with it.

The late ’90s landed me a record deal of sorts. I made an album, learned a lot about the industry and fell out with the label. Next came a collaboration with singer-songwriter Sarah Springett that would last ten years and garner quiet critical praise. As Springett Booth, AloneMe, and later as The Floe, we crossed paths with the likes of Nigel Stonier (Thea Gilmore, Mike Scott…), Mike Cave (The Charlatans, The Zutons…), Midge Ure, Paul Young, Ade Edmonson, Simon Gogerly, Bob Harris…

All was seemingly going well, but in 2010 something snapped in my soul. I quit the band, watched them move forward in a new, leaner form – and took time out to consider what would come next. 

It was obvious really. I became a producer of other people’s songs in early 2011, and still consider myself fortunate to make a living from what I love to do. You can explore that side of my life at  

After a short break from songwriting, it quietly, inevitably crept back. The results so far include three EPs – Find Our Way Back Home (2012), The Sea (2014) and The Good Years (2015) and the album Away Away (2018). In early 2018 I formed Bayfield Booth with Mat Bayfield (Broadside Boys). We co-wrote an album of songs, ran a Crowdfunder to pay for the album production, and independently released A New Way On in June 2019. We released one further song in September 2019 called Last Man – Mat’s ‘on-purpose’ farewell message. Having lived his life to the max, Mat succumbed to his brain tumour in October 2019.

2020 & 2021 saw continued and closer collaboration with singer-songwriter Kelly Bayfield. I co-wrote some of the songs on Kelly’s debut solo album (out spring 2022), produced it and we now play all our live shows together. I’m also in the process of recording songs for a new David Edward Booth album.

I use my middle name because there are too many David Booths in the world.


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photo by Alex Blades