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David Edward Booth is a songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, based in rural Suffolk, UK. He writes music with depth, authenticity and poetry, and like a winter photograph captured in the hills of his native Derbyshire, David’s voice tells weathered, atmospheric and honest stories. With down-tuned guitar and folk leanings audible, his songs now flow as much from the worlds of Neil Finn and David Gray as they do from Nick Drake and Kris Drever. David’s distinctive musical identity is shaped by a childhood playing cornet in brass bands, a ‘misspent’ youth playing drums, and finally the guitars that later brought his songwriting to life. The finished sound is polished with a reverence for classic songwriters and the experience of two decades as an in-demand producer.

“Booth has a distinctive style that is very much his own… the opening track, the hauntingly beautiful ‘Another Me’ sets the tone for the album…The more I listen to this release, the more I like it. I’d go so far as to say it’s one of my favourite albums of the year.”
Steve Lockley, Fatea (reviewing the All My Days album)

“…an exquisite collection of modern folk songs… hugely satisfying… honest and unaffected.” *****
RnR Magazine (reviewing the All My Days album)

“…by any measure, and by the yardstick of this album, he is a master of song writing and a compelling singer of mature, reflective adult folk.”
Seán Liffey – Irish Music Magazine (reviewing the All My Days album)

“…you can hear the [Neil] Finn in this tune… Booth is a new name to me, and more proof of the depth of British song writing talent. This is the lead single from an album due out in June, and now on the list to investigate when it appears.”
TM – Fatea (reviewing ‘Run’)

“Incredible musical talent…”
Mark Walsh – BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

“David never cuts corners and gets as close to perfection as he can… ”
Stephen Foster – East Anglian Daily Times

“His skill at engineering and producing is matched by his prowess as performer and director… beautiful songs.”
Paul Sartin – Bellowhead, Faustus, Belshazzar’s Feast

“David’s recording skills are formidable, but as time has gone by I have increasingly come to realise what a good musician he is in his own right.”
Louis de Bernieres

Recent live appearances include the Folk At Heart, Live At Heart and Tiveden Americana festivals in Sweden, Maverick Festival and Folk East. He now plays all live shows alongside his wife Kelly Bayfield as the duo Kyson Point. During 2022 and 2023, he was also in-house producer and auxiliary writer/guitarist for The Knoydart Songwriting Retreat.

photo by Alex Blades

a longer story from David…

I grew up in a Derbyshire brass band family and played cornet from an early age. Listening to heavy rock & metal in my teens I discovered I could play drums, so I did, but I also wanted to write vocal/guitar songs, so I taught myself guitar and got on with it.

The late ’90s landed me a record deal of sorts. I made an album, learned a lot about the industry and fell out with the label. Next came a collaboration with singer-songwriter Sarah Springett that would last ten years and garner quiet critical praise. As Springett Booth, AloneMe, and later as The Floe, we crossed paths with the likes of Nigel Stonier (Thea Gilmore, Mike Scott…), Mike Cave (The Charlatans, The Zutons…), Midge Ure, Paul Young, Ade Edmonson, Simon Gogerly, Bob Harris…

All was seemingly going well, but in 2010 something snapped in my soul. I quit the band, watched them move forward in a new, leaner form – and took time out to consider what would come next. 

It was obvious really. I became a producer of other people’s songs in early 2011, and still consider myself fortunate to make a living from what I love to do. You can explore that side of my life at  

After a short break from songwriting, it quietly, inevitably crept back. The results so far include three EPs – Find Our Way Back Home (2012), The Sea (2014) and The Good Years (2015) and the album Away Away (2018). In early 2018 I formed Bayfield Booth with Mat Bayfield (Broadside Boys). We co-wrote an album of songs, ran a Crowdfunder to pay for the album production, and independently released A New Way On in June 2019. We released one further song in September 2019 called Last Man – Mat’s ‘on-purpose’ farewell message. Having lived his life to the max, Mat succumbed to his brain tumour in October 2019.

2020 & 2021 saw continued and closer collaboration with singer-songwriter Kelly Bayfield. I co-wrote some of the songs on Kelly’s debut solo album Wave Machine, produced it and we now play all our live shows together.

I use my middle name because there are too many David Booths in the world.

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photo by Alex Blades