Summer and Sweden

It’s been a lovely summer for the Booth/Bayfield music machine. Around studio work, various gigs with our friends Drew Young, Andy Trill & Steve Mears, and final preparations for getting Kelly’s delayed album out in to the world, we’ve been fortunate to once again feature at our two favourite festivals – Maverick and Folk East.

Folk East was particularly memorable this year. In their 10th anniversary year, we were finally (after a two-year postponement) able to bring together the tribute concert to our inspirational and much-missed friend Mat Bayfield. Featuring Honey & The Bear, Eric Sedge, The Young Uns and Bayfield Booth with Mat’s youngest daughter Madi on lead vocals and his brother Chris on cajon, songs were sung and warm words of fond memories were spoken by Mat’s father, Stephen. Mat’s final appearance at Folk East was with Eric in 2019, and his parting words were “I’ll be back”. We like to think that on Saturday 20th August 2022, we were able to help him, through his music, fulfil that promise.

Before the pandemic, Kelly and I started building connections and making friends in and around Örebro, Sweden, thanks to our globe-trotting musical friend Drew Young. Last month we were all able to return for a quick trip to do a couple of gigs and a day filming live performances in the mighty Joe Vegna’s studio. But that was just the starter. This time tomorrow we’ll have begun the main course with a two-week trip, taking in multiple shows across the Live At Heart and Tiveden Americana festivals, plus a three-day songwriting camp in the beautiful forests of Tiveden. Jättebra!

More news soon about the album I’m currently working on, and the grant I’ve received from the wonderful Help Musicians. 🙂

DEB, 28th August, 2022